Publication Abstract

Authors: Mai V, Colbert LH, Berrigan D, Perkins SN, Pfeiffer R, Lavigne JA, Lanza E, Haines DC, Schatzkin A, Hursting SD

Title: Calorie restriction and diet composition modulate spontaneous intestinal tumorigenesis in Apc(Min) mice through different mechanisms.

Journal: Cancer Res 63(8):1752-5

Date: 2003 Apr 15

Abstract: We evaluated the effects of diet on intestinal tumorigenesis in male Apc(Min) mice by comparing AIN-76A diet fed ad libitum (CON); calorie intake restricted by 40% of the CON (CR); diet high in olive oil and supplemented with freeze-dried fruit and vegetable extracts (OFV); and diet high in total fat (HF). Compared with CON, the frequency of intestinal polyps was reduced by 57% by CR (P < 0.001) and by 33% OFV diet (P = 0.04). Both effective interventions reduced total body weight, lean mass, and fat mass and increased daily urinary corticosterone output, but only CR reduced serum insulin-like growth factor I and leptin. We conclude that dietary interventions can partially offset genetic susceptibility to intestinal carcinogenesis.