Publication Abstract

Authors: Basch CH, Hillyer GC, Berdnik A, Basch CE

Title: YouTube™ videos related to human papillomavirus: the need for professional communication.

Journal: Int J Adolesc Med Health :-

Date: 2016 Apr 09

Abstract: YouTube™ is a frequently visited website that contains a large and diverse collection of health-related videos. The aim of this study was to identify the most popular videos on YouTube™.com related to human papillomavirus (HPV) and describe their content. This cross-sectional study involved using the search terms "HPV" and "human papillomavirus" to determine a purposive sample composed of an equal number of the most popular "professional" (n=35) and "consumer" (n=35) videos identified. Video content was analyzed and those videos related to HPV vaccination in any way were analyzed further to denote the nature of the message. The majority of videos (81.4%) provided general information related to HPV, discussed the association of HPV infection and the development of cancer (81.4%), and addressed HPV screening (64.3%). Just under one-half (n=34) of the videos addressed vaccination. Fifteen of these were neutral, while six were encouraging and 13 were discouraging. The videos included in this study were viewed ~17 million times, which indicates their potential for influencing public awareness and opinions. Of the videos devoted to HPV vaccination, few were encouraging. These videos may impede efforts to increase rates of HPV vaccination, which are already far below target levels.