Publication Abstract

Authors: Moss SM, Michel M, Patnick J, Johns L, Blanks R, Chamberlain J

Title: Results from the NHS breast screening programme 1990-1993.

Journal: J Med Screen 2(4):186-90

Date: 1995

Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To present results from the NHS breast screening programme (NHSBSP) for the three year period 1990 to 1993, and to examine the extent to which interim targets are being met. METHODS: Data have been collated from all screening programmes in the United Kingdom on standard "Korner" returns, supplemented for the year 1991/92 by data from the radiology quality assurance programme. Most of the data refer to the prevalent screening round, but some data on rescreening are also available. RESULTS: The total cancer detection rate at prevalent screens was 6.0/1000, 18% being in situ cancers; the detection rate of invasive cancers < or = 10 mm in diameter was 1.3/1000, but data on size were missing for 12% of cancers. Referral rates were significantly lower for programmes using two view mammography at the prevalent screen than for those using single view, and cancer detection rates were significantly higher. For prevalent screens over the three year period, 70% of programmes had a referral rate of < or = 7%, 87% had a benign biopsy rate of < or = 5/1000, and 79% had a cancer detection rate of > or = 5/1000. By contrast, only 30% of programmes appeared to meet the target detection rate of > 1.5/1000 for invasive cancers < or = 10 mm in diameter. CONCLUSIONS: While the majority of interim targets are being met by the NHSBSP, the rate of detection of small invasive cancers requires careful monitoring. Collection of more accurate data on size of cancers and interval cancer rates will give a better indication of progress towards the target mortality reduction.