Publication Abstract

Authors: Hou J, Paravati A, Hou J, Xu R, Murphy J

Title: High-dimensional variable selection and prediction under competing risks with application to SEER-Medicare linked data.

Journal: Stat Med 37(24):3486-3502

Date: 2018 Oct 30

PubMed ID: 29845637External Web Site Policy

Abstract: Competing risk analysis considers event times due to multiple causes or of more than one event types. Commonly used regression models for such data include (1) cause-specific hazards model, which focuses on modeling one type of event while acknowledging other event types simultaneously, and (2) subdistribution hazards model, which links the covariate effects directly to the cumulative incidence function. Their use in the presence of high-dimensional predictors are largely unexplored. Motivated by an analysis using the linked SEER-Medicare database for the purposes of predicting cancer versus noncancer mortality for patients with prostate cancer, we study the accuracy of prediction and variable selection of existing machine learning methods under both models using extensive simulation experiments, including different approaches to choosing penalty parameters in each method. We then apply the optimal approaches to the analysis of the SEER-Medicare data.

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