Publication Abstract

Authors: Bastian LA, Breslau ES, Davis WW, Moser RP

Title: Hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms: tracking the translation of the women's health initiative findings

Journal: J Clin Outcomes Manage 12(3):140-46

Date: 2005 Mar

Abstract: Objectives: To determine if hormone therapy (HT) use has declined since the release of the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) findings in July 2002. We also measured use of HT for menopausal symptoms since January 2003. Methods: Between July 2002 and December 2003, 7 national random digit-dialing telephone surveys were conducted in a sample of households that included women aged 45 to 79 years. We measured current use of HT in all 7 cross-sectional surveys and determined whether HT was used for menopausal symptoms in 5 surveys (January 2003 to December 2003). Results: Across the 7 waves of data collection, rates of HT use declined from 22% to 16.5%. Among users of HT, 1 in 3 women reported using HT specifically for menopausal symptoms. Older women (age >= 65 years), those with less education, and women taking HT for more than 5 years were less likely to report using HT for menopausal symptom relief. Conclusions: Since July 2002, rates of HT use have declined, yet the majority of women report using HT for reasons other than relief of menopausal symptoms. Further discussions about the results of the WHI and the appropriate use of HT are needed.