Publication Abstract

Authors: Ramirez M, McMullen C, Grant M, Altschuler A, Hornbrook MC, Krouse RS

Title: Figuring out sex in a reconfigured body: experiences of female colorectal cancer survivors with ostomies.

Journal: Women Health 49(8):608-24

Date: 2009 Dec

Abstract: Colorectal cancer survivors with ostomies can face complex concerns regarding sexuality. We used an anthropological perspective to examine the experiences of 30 female colorectal cancer survivors with ostomies to shed light on the sexual challenges and adaptations made in the wake of cancer surgery and treatment. Participants fell into four categories with regard to their sexual experience post surgery; however, not all women found their altered sexuality to be particularly problematic. This type of phenomenological examination can inform a more patient-centered, less biomedically focused paradigm for assessing and improving the sexual health of cancer survivors.