Publication Abstract

Authors: Rieke K, Boilesen E, Lydiatt W, Schmid KK, Houfek J, Watanabe-Galloway S

Title: Population-based retrospective study to investigate preexisting and new depression diagnosis among head and neck cancer patients.

Journal: Cancer Epidemiol 43:42-8

Date: 2016 Aug

Abstract: This study aimed to estimate the pre-cancer prevalence and post-cancer incidence of depression in older adult head and neck cancer patients. Using SEER-Medicare files, cancer was identified from SEER data and depression diagnosis was identified using Medicare claims. Of 3533 head and neck cancer patients, 10.6% were diagnosed with depression during the two years prior to cancer diagnosis, and an additional 8.9% developed depression in the year following cancer diagnosis. This study supports the critical need of screening for depression throughout cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as a preventative approach in depression development in the older head and neck cancer patient population.