Publication Abstract

Authors: Shah S, Blanchette CM, Coyle JC, Kowalkowski M, Arthur ST, Howden R

Title: Healthcare utilization and costs associated with COPD among SEER-Medicare beneficiaries with NSCLC.

Journal: J Med Econ 21(9):861-868

Date: 2018 Sep

PubMed ID: 29857784External Web Site Policy

Abstract: AIM: To estimate the healthcare utilization and costs in elderly lung cancer patients with and without pre-existing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). METHODS: Using Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER)-Medicare data, this study identified patients with lung cancer between 2006-2010, at least 66 years of age, and continuously enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B in the 12 months prior to cancer diagnosis. The diagnosis of pre-existing COPD in lung cancer patients was identified using ICD-9 codes. Healthcare utilization and costs were categorized as inpatient hospitalizations, skilled nursing facility (SNF) use, physician office visits, ER visits, and outpatient encounters for every stage of lung cancer. The adjusted analysis was performed using a generalized linear model for healthcare costs and a negative binomial model for healthcare utilization. RESULTS: Inpatient admissions in the COPD group increased for each stage of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) compared to the non-COPD group per 100 person-months (Stage I: 14.67 vs 9.49 stays, p < .0001; Stage II: 14.13 vs 10.78 stays, p < .0001; Stage III: 28.31 vs 18.91 stays, p < .0001; Stage IV: 49.5 vs 31.24 stays, p < .0001). A similar trend was observed for outpatient visits, with an increase in utilization among the COPD group (Stage I: 1136.04 vs 796 visits, p < .0001; Stage II: 1325.12 vs 983.26 visits, p < .0001; Stage III: 2025.47 vs 1656.64 visits, p < .0001; Stage IV: 2825.73 vs 2422.26 visits, p < .0001). Total direct costs per person-month in patients with pre-existing COPD were significantly higher than the non-COPD group across all services ($54,799.16 vs $41,862.91). Outpatient visits represented the largest cost category across all services in both groups, with higher costs among the COPD group ($41,203 vs $31,140.08). CONCLUSION: Healthcare utilization and costs among lung cancer patients with pre-existing COPD was ∼2-3-times higher than the non-COPD group.

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