Publication Abstract

Authors: Kokabi N, Duszak R Jr, Xing M, Howard DH, Applegate KE, Camacho JC, Kim HS

Title: Cancer-directed therapy and potential impact on survivals in nonresected hepatocellular carcinoma: SEER-Medicare population study.

Journal: Future Oncol 13(23):2021-2033

Date: 2017 Oct

PubMed ID: 28984155External Web Site Policy

Abstract: AIM: To investigate determinants of receiving cancer-directed therapies and their potential survival impact in nonresected hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) Materials & methods: Nonsurgically resected HCC patients between 2000 and 2010 were stratified by American Joint Committee on Cancer staging and the type of therapy. Predictors of receiving therapy were identified and implication on survival was evaluated. RESULTS: Out of 9239 patients included, those receiving any therapy demonstrated prolonged overall survival with following median overall survival (months): ablation (30.8), Yttrium-90 (15.6), transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (15.5), Sorafenib (5.6), versus no cancer-directed therapy (3.7; p-values <0.001). Overall, 36% of patients received cancer-directed therapy including 47% with stage I/II. Favorable sociodemographic factors predicted receipt of percutaneous locoregional therapies (p-values <0.05). DISCUSSION & CONCLUSION: There appears to be significant disparity in care of nonresected HCC patients with significant underutilization of cancer-directed therapies.

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