Publication Abstract

Authors: Skinner CS, Gupta S, Halm EA, Wright S, McCallister K, Bishop W, Santini N, Mayorga C, Agrawal D, Moran B, Sanders JM, Singal AG

Title: Development of the Parkland-UT Southwestern Colonoscopy Reporting System (CoRS) for evidence-based colon cancer surveillance recommendations.

Journal: J Am Med Inform Assoc 23(2):402-6

Date: 2016 Mar

Abstract: OBJECTIVE: Through colonoscopy, polyps can be identified and removed to reduce colorectal cancer incidence and mortality. Appropriate use of surveillance colonoscopy, post polypectomy, is a focus of healthcare reform. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The authors developed and implemented the first electronic medical record-based colonoscopy reporting system (CoRS) that matches endoscopic findings with guideline-consistent surveillance recommendations and generates tailored results and recommendation letters for patients and providers. RESULTS: In its first year, CoRS was used in 98.6% of indicated cases. Via a survey, colonoscopists agreed/strongly agreed it is easy to use (83%), provides guideline-based recommendations (89%), improves quality of Spanish letters (94%), they would recommend it for other institutions (78%), and it made their work easier (61%), and led to improved practice (56%). DISCUSSION: CoRS' widespread adoption and acceptance likely resulted from stakeholder engagement throughout the development and implementation process. CONCLUSION: CoRS is well-accepted by clinicians and provides guideline-based recommendations and results communications to patients and providers.