Publication Abstract

Authors: Roehrborn CG, Albertsen P, Stokes ME, Black L, Benedict A

Title: First-year costs of treating prostate cancer: estimates from SEER-Medicare data.

Journal: Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 12(4):355-60

Date: 2009

Abstract: Pharmacologic therapies are currently being evaluated for the prevention of prostate cancer (PCa). As additional clinical data become available regarding their benefits and risks, an examination of their economic impact will also be important. The purpose of this study was to estimate mean per patient PCa-related costs during the first year following diagnosis and to examine the extent to which initial therapies are used, by initial cancer stage. Our data show that health-care costs were significant and varied by stage. With average first-year PCa-related costs of US$13,091, prevention strategies have the potential to reduce health-care costs.