Publication Abstract

Authors: Roen EL, Roubidoux MA, Joe AI, Russell TR, Soliman AS

Title: Adherence to screening mammography among American Indian women of the Northern Plains.

Journal: Breast Cancer Res Treat 139(3):897-905

Date: 2013 Jun

Abstract: Breast cancer is a burden for American Indian (AI) women who have younger age at diagnosis and higher stage of disease. Rural areas also have had less access to screening mammography. An Indian Health Service Mobile Women's Health Unit (MWHU) was implemented to improve mammogram screening of AI women in the Northern Plains. Our purpose was to determine the past adherence to screening mammography at a woman's first presentation to the MWHU for mammogram screening. Date of the most recent prior non-MWHU mammogram was obtained from mammography records. Adherence to screening guidelines was defined as the prior mammogram occurring 1-2 years before the first MWHU visit among women >41 years, and was the main outcome, whereas, age and clinic site were predictors. Adherence was compared with national data of the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium (BCSC). Among 1,771 women >41 years, adherence to screening mammography guidelines was 48.01 % among >65 years, 42.05 % among 50-64 years, 33.43 % among 41-49 years, and varied with clinic site (25.23-65.93 %). Age (p < 0.0001) and clinic site (p < 0.0001) were associated with adherence. Overall, adherence to screening mammography guidelines was found in 39.86 % (706/1771) of MWHU women versus 74.34 % (747,095/1,004,943) of BCSC women. The majority (60.14 %) of women at first presentation to the MWHU had not had mammograms in the previous 2 years, lower screening adherence than nationally (25.66 %). Adherence was lowest among women ages 41-49, and varied with clinic site. Findings suggest disparities in mammography screening among these women.