Publication Abstract

Authors: Séradour B, Wait S, Jacquemier J, Dubuc M, Piana L

Title: [Modalities of reading of detection mammographies of the programme in the Bouches-du-Rhône. Results and costs 1990-1995].

Journal: J Radiol 78(1):49-54

Date: 1997 Jan

Abstract: In the Bouches du Rhône breast cancer screening programme, mammograms are read by two separate radiologists of different levels of training. All women with at least one positive reading are recalled for further assessment. During the first round, 3,477 of the 95,967 screenees were recalled by the first reader and 2,321 by the expert reader. The expert increased cancer detection by 15% and 45% of cancers detected by the expert were smaller than 11 mm. The marginal cost of double reading was 21,838 Francs per additional cancer detected. Double reading thus allowed for the detection of cancers of good prognosis which would have gone undetected by a single reader. Its cost seems justified by its impact on the effectiveness of the screening programme.