Publication Abstract

Authors: Prince P, Mitchell SA, Wehrlen L, Childs R, Savani B, Yang L, Bevans M

Title: Spiritual Well-Being in Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Survivors of Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation.

Journal: J Psychosoc Oncol 33(6):635-54

Date: 2015

Abstract: Research suggests that spiritual well-being positively contributes to quality of life during and following cancer treatment. This relationship has not been well-described in ethnically diverse survivors of allogeneic transplantation.  This study compares spiritual well-being and quality of life of Hispanic (n = 69) and non-Hispanic (n = 102) survivors. Hispanic participants were significantly younger and reported significantly greater spiritual well-being than non-Hispanic survivors. Survivors with higher spiritual well-being had significantly better quality of life. Meaning and Peace significantly predicted quality of life. Although Hispanic survivors report greater spiritual well-being, Meaning and Peace, irrespective of ethnicity, have a salutary effect on quality of life.