Publication Abstract

Authors: Rahm AK, Hawkins RP, Dearing JW, Pingree S, Lomax JB, McDowell H, Morse EF, Barela B

Title: Implementing an evidence-based breast cancer support and communication tool to newly diagnosed patients as standard care in two institutions.

Journal: Transl Behav Med 5(2):198-206

Date: 2015 Jun

Abstract: While many women turn to the Internet to obtain health information, it is unlikely that unstructured Internet use provides optimal benefit to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, due to uneven quality, conflicting claims, redundancy, and search engine idiosyncrasies, which may make finding information and assessing its accuracy and applicability difficult. To answer the need for information and support, the Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (CHESS) was developed to provide access to integrated information for decision-making, behavior change, and emotional support, and has been validated in randomized trials. This observational study of real-world implementation focuses on the process of integrating CHESS into standard care in two Denver healthcare systems. Results from this study provide guidance for implementation of other web-based patient information and support programs in large healthcare organizations.