Publication Abstract

Authors: Thurfjell E, Taube A, Tabár L

Title: One- versus two-view mammography screening. A prospective population-based study.

Journal: Acta Radiol 35(4):340-4

Date: 1994 Jul

Abstract: In order to compare mammography screening with one versus two views, a prospective population-based study was carried out. Mammograms from 12,636 women aged 40 to 54 years were examined first as one-view screening and later as two-view screening. The initial results showed that two-view screening resulted in 349 recalls, 72 surgical biopsies, and 32 breast cancers. One-view screening resulted in 542 recalls, 61 surgical biopsies, and 29 histologically proven breast cancers. The follow-up revealed 2 additional cancers detected by one-view screening. Thus, the use of two-view screening resulted in one more cancer case being detected. The difference in breast cancer detection was not significant.