Publication Abstract

Authors: Vogt TM, Elston-Lafata J, Tolsma D, Greene SM

Title: The role of research in integrated healthcare systems: the HMO Research Network.

Journal: Am J Manag Care 10(9):643-8

Date: 2004 Sep

Abstract: Science is the basis of medicine. Good science leads to better decisions and more effective systems to support those decisions. Most individuals associate science primarily with academic institutions. However, top-quality research relevant to managing the health of populations and the care of specific clinical conditions is increasingly being carried out by investigators working in integrated healthcare systems. This introduction outlines the activities of the HMO Research Network, whose researchers have made and continue to make important contributions to the field of health research. Its objective is to inform readers of the activities and value of systems-based health research. We describe the importance and extent of the research conducted by HMO Research Network members, as well as the advantages of conducting research in such settings.