Publication Abstract

Authors: Wang YW, Reder NP, Kang S, Glaser AK, Yang Q, Wall MA, Javid SH, Dintzis SM, Liu JTC

Title: Raman-Encoded Molecular Imaging with Topically Applied SERS Nanoparticles for Intraoperative Guidance of Lumpectomy.

Journal: Cancer Res 77(16):4506-4516

Date: 2017 Aug 15

Abstract: Intraoperative identification of carcinoma at lumpectomy margins would enable reduced re-excision rates, which are currently as high as 20% to 50%. Although imaging of disease-associated biomarkers can identify malignancies with high specificity, multiplexed imaging of such biomarkers is necessary to detect molecularly heterogeneous carcinomas with high sensitivity. We have developed a Raman-encoded molecular imaging (REMI) technique in which targeted nanoparticles are topically applied on excised tissues to enable rapid visualization of a multiplexed panel of cell surface biomarkers at surgical margin surfaces. A first-ever clinical study was performed in which 57 fresh specimens were imaged with REMI to simultaneously quantify the expression of four biomarkers HER2, ER, EGFR, and CD44. Combined detection of these biomarkers enabled REMI to achieve 89.3% sensitivity and 92.1% specificity for the detection of breast carcinoma. These results highlight the sensitivity and specificity of REMI to detect biomarkers in freshly resected tissue, which has the potential to reduce the rate of re-excision procedures in cancer patients. Cancer Res; 77(16); 4506-16. 2017 AACR.