Publication Abstract

Authors: Sabatino SA, Thompson TD, Guy GP Jr, de Moor JS, Tangka FK

Title: Mammography Use Among Medicare Beneficiaries After Elimination of Cost Sharing.

Journal: Med Care 54(4):394-9

Date: 2016 Apr

Abstract: BACKGROUND: We examined mammography use before and after Medicare eliminated cost sharing for screening mammography in January 2011. METHODS: Using National Health Interview Survey data, we examined changes in mammography use between 2010 and 2013 among Medicare beneficiaries aged 65-74 years. Logistic regression and predictive margins were used to examine changes in use after adjusting for covariates. RESULTS: In 2013, 74.7% of women reported a mammogram within 2 years, a 3.5 percentage point increase (95% confidence interval, -0.3, 7.2) compared with 2010. Increases occurred among women aged 65-69 years, unmarried women, and women with usual sources of care and 2-5 physician visits in the prior year. After adjustment, mammography use increased in 2013 versus 2010 (74.8% vs. 71.3%, P=0.039). Interactions between year and income, insurance, race, or ethnicity were not significant. CONCLUSIONS: There was a modest increase in mammography use from 2010 to 2013 among Medicare beneficiaries aged 65-74 years, possibly consistent with an effect of eliminating Medicare cost sharing during this time. Findings suggest that eliminating cost sharing might increase use of recommended screening services.