Publication Abstract

Authors: Champer M, Huang Y, Hou JY, Tergas AI, Burke WM, Hillyer GC, Ananth CV, Neugut AI, Hershman DL, Wright JD

Title: Adherence to treatment recommendations and outcomes for women with ovarian cancer at first recurrence.

Journal: Gynecol Oncol 148(1):19-27

Date: 2018 Jan

PubMed ID: 29153542External Web Site Policy

Abstract: OBJECTIVE: Treatment selection for recurrent ovarian cancer is typically based on the duration of time between the completion of adjuvant, platinum-based therapy and the time of recurrence, the platinum free interval (PFI). We examined the use of, and outcomes associated with platinum-based chemotherapy based on the PFI in women with recurrent ovarian cancer. METHODS: The Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results-Medicare database was used to identify women aged >65years with epithelial ovarian cancer who underwent surgery and platinum-based chemotherapy and who developed a recurrence >3months after the completion of adjuvant therapy. Patients were stratified by PFI into 3 groups: PFI <6months, PFI 7-12months, and PFI >12months. Multivariable models were used to examine predictors of use of platinum-based therapy and survival for each group. RESULTS: A total of 2369 patients were identified. In women with a PFI of ≤6months, treatment consisted of platinum-based combination therapy in 28.2%, single agent platinum in 5.2% and non-platinum therapy in 66.6%. Corresponding rates of these treatments among women with a PFI of 7-12months were 39.7%, 12.4% and 47.9%, respectively; the rates were 57.6%, 13.2% and 29.3% in those with a PFI of >12months, respectively. Median survival was 13, 18, and 27months for patients with a PFI of ≤6months, 7-12months, and >12months, respectively (P<0.0001). For all three groups, platinum combination therapy was associated with decreased risk of death compared to non-platinum based therapy. CONCLUSION: Platinum free interval is a strong predictor of survival in elderly women with recurrent ovarian cancer. There is widespread variation in treatment selection for women with recurrent ovarian cancer with many women receiving non-guideline based regimens.

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