Publication Abstract

Authors: Broeders MJ, Scharpantgen A, Ascunce N, Gairard B, Olsen AH, Mantellini P, Mota TC, Van Limbergen E, Séradour B, Ponti A, Trejo LS, Nyström L, European Breast Cancer Network

Title: Comparison of early performance indicators for screening projects within the European Breast Cancer Network: 1989-2000.

Journal: Eur J Cancer Prev 14(2):107-16

Date: 2005 Apr

Abstract: In 1989 the European Breast Cancer Network (EBCN) was established by the first pilot projects for breast cancer screening, co-funded by the Europe Against Cancer programme. We report early performance indicators for these EBCN projects while taking into account their organizational setting. Out of 17 projects in the network, 10 projects from six European countries contributed aggregated data on number of invitations, screening examinations, and breast cancers detected over the period 1989-2000. Results were summarized separately for projects in centralized versus decentralized health care environments. The European Guidelines for quality assurance in mammography screening provided reference values for the performance indicators. The most prominent finding in this study was the higher participation rate in centralized versus decentralized projects (average participation in 1998: 74 versus 33%; P<0.001), whereas the invitation system and screening policy in these projects were similar. Detection rates and characteristics of cancers detected at initial and subsequent screening examinations showed no significant differences between centralized and decentralized projects. Even though early performance indicators for centralized versus decentralized projects were similar, the impact of breast screening on mortality from this disease at the population level will differ since the decentralized projects reach only part of the target population.