Publication Abstract

Authors: Subar AF, Block G

Title: Use of vitamin and mineral supplements: demographics and amounts of nutrients consumed. The 1987 Health Interview Survey.

Journal: Am J Epidemiol 132(6):1091-101

Date: 1990 Dec

Abstract: Data from the 1987 National Health Interview Survey show that 51.1% of the adults aged 18-99 years in the United States consumed a vitamin/mineral supplement in the past year, but that only 23.1% did so daily. Whites, women, and older individuals were more likely than blacks, men, and younger individuals to consume supplements regularly. Multivitamins were the most commonly consumed supplement, followed by vitamin C, calcium, vitamin E, and vitamin A. Results suggest that supplementation practices have changed little since the 1970s. Results regarding the amounts of nutrients obtained from supplements show that a food frequency type of methodology collects reasonably accurate data reflecting intake of supplements over the past year. Few, if any, individuals were consuming nutrients in amounts considered toxic. Although vitamin and mineral supplementation is a common health habit, it appears not to pose a significant health risk for most of the population.