Publication Abstract

Authors: Ahmedani BK, Belville-Robertson T, Hirsch A, Jurayj A

Title: An Online Mental Health and Wellness Intervention Supplementing Standard Care of Depression and Anxiety.

Journal: Arch Psychiatr Nurs 30(6):666-670

Date: 2016 Dec

Abstract: Online interventions offer benefits, but often have not been tested in studies. The aim was to study feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary effectiveness of an online intervention supplementing standard care of depression and anxiety. The study was conducted within a large healthcare system. Three primary care and four behavioral health providers recruited 96 participants. Overall, 91% (n=87) agreed to participate, while 43% (n=41) completed registration and 27% (n=26) logged into the intervention multiple times. Participants referred by behavioral health demonstrated greater involvement. Reductions in depression and anxiety were observed. Most providers were satisfied with the intervention. This study supports future research.