Publication Abstract

Authors: Thurfjell EL, Lindgren JA

Title: Population-based mammography screening in Swedish clinical practice: prevalence and incidence screening in Uppsala County.

Journal: Radiology 193(2):351-7

Date: 1994 Nov

Abstract: PURPOSE: To evaluate the results of a population-based mammography screening program in Uppsala County, Sweden, and to compare the findings with those of the randomized Swedish studies. MATERIALS AND METHODS: There were 43,074 women (aged 40-69 years) who were invited to the first screening round. Women aged 40-54 years were examined with two-view mammography, whereas women aged 55-69 years were examined with one-view mammography. During the second screening round, two-view mammography was used to screen dense breasts. RESULTS: The attendance rate was 87% in the first screening round and 78% in the second screening round. The recall rate for further examination was 4.6% in the first round and 5.7% in the second round. On average, five cancers were found per 1,000 women examined in both screening rounds. The rate of advanced breast cancers of stage II or higher decreased statistically significantly from 0.16% in the first screening round to 0.08% in the second screening round (P = .007). CONCLUSION: The results of the Swedish two-county study can be duplicated in clinical practice.