Publication Abstract

Authors: Walsh K, Ryan J, Daraiseh N, Pai A

Title: Errors and Nonadherence in Pediatric Oral Chemotherapy Use.

Journal: Oncology 91(4):231-236

Date: 2016

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Nonadherence and medication error both limit the effectiveness of oral chemotherapy. The overlap between nonadherence and medication error is not well studied in children, and interventions strategies differ for each. Our objective was to describe nonadherence and errors in children with cancer to inform future interventions. METHODS: Nonadherence was measured using two self-report tools. Medication error was measured using medication review and observation of administration at home. Two clinicians made judgments about whether each error also represented an episode of nonadherence. RESULTS: Of 72 errors detected in 92 home visits, 27 were also instances of nonadherence. For example, parents gave a child 1 tablet of mercaptopurine every day rather than the prescribed 1 tablet 5 days a week and tablet on weekends. Clinician reviewers judged that family interventions and health system interventions would be most effective in preventing the errors and nonadherence identified in this population of children with cancer. DISCUSSION: The relationship between medication errors and nonadherence is not well described in the literature. Our data indicate that medication error and nonadherence coexist in the same population and in the same patient. Interventions should address both to most effectively support self-management.