Publication Abstract

Authors: Weiss ES, Taber SK, Breslau ES, Lillie SE, Li Y

Title: The role of leadership and management in six southern public health partnerships: a study of member involvement and satisfaction.

Journal: Health Educ Behav 37(5):737-52

Date: 2010 Oct

Abstract: Research has led to greater understanding of what is needed to create and sustain well-functioning public health partnerships. However, a partnership's ability to foster an environment that encourages broad member involvement in discussions, decision making, and activities has received scant empirical attention. This study examined the relationship between partnership members' perceptions of how well leadership and management facilitated their involvement, and their satisfaction with their role and influence within the partnership. Data came from 60 individuals who participated in two waves of a quantitative process evaluation of six southern interorganizational partnerships, formed as part of a national pilot project to increase cervical and breast cancer screening rates. Results suggested that environments fostering broad partner involvement were associated with measures of member satisfaction, controlling for other partnership characteristics. Findings indicated that facilitation of member involvement deserves increased consideration from researchers and practitioners as an indicator of the quality of partnership functioning.