Publication Abstract

Authors: Yabroff KR, Lund J, Kepka D, Mariotto A

Title: Economic burden of cancer in the United States: estimates, projections, and future research.

Journal: Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 20(10):2006-14

Date: 2011 Oct

Abstract: The economic burden of cancer in the United States is substantial and expected to increase significantly in the future because of expected growth and aging of the population and improvements in survival as well as trends in treatment patterns and costs of care following cancer diagnosis. In this article, we describe measures of the economic burden of cancer and present current estimates and projections of the national burden of cancer in the United States. We discuss ongoing efforts to characterize the economic burden of cancer in the United States and identify key areas for future work including developing and enhancing research resources, improving estimates and projections of economic burden, evaluating targeted therapies, and assessing the financial burden for patients and their families. This work will inform efforts by health care policy makers, health care systems, providers, and employers to improve the cancer survivorship experience in the United States.