Publication Abstract

Authors: Zebrack B, Kent EE, Keegan TH, Kato I, Smith AW, AYA HOPE Study Collaborative Group

Title: "Cancer sucks," and other ponderings by adolescent and young adult cancer survivors.

Journal: J Psychosoc Oncol 32(1):1-15

Date: 2014

Abstract: As part of the National Cancer Institute's AYA HOPE study, 296 adolescent and young adults (AYAs) completed an open-ended survey item asking them to describe their medical care or experience with cancer. Patient, provider, and system-level characteristics all appear to influence AYAs' perceptions of their medical care. Participants attributed levels of satisfaction with care to the availability and communication of information, the management of side-effects, and the expediency and flexibility of treatments. Struggles with health insurance and finances were evident. Findings contribute to a better understanding of AYAs' cancer treatment experiences and will inform improvements to oncology care for this population.