Publication Abstract

Authors: Canales M

Title: Taking care of self: Health care decision making of American Indian women.

Journal: Health Care Women Int 25(5):411-35

Date: 2004 May

Abstract: In this article, I report a component of a qualitative grounded theory study on health care decision making of American Indian women (AIW) residing in the Northeastern United States. Analysis was based upon data collected from 20 women who self-identified as American Indian. Taking care of self was a primary factor influencing health care decisions among this sample of AIW. As women moved between their Native, traditional health practices and conventional Western health practices, efforts toward taking care of self were especially salient. The properties of taking care of self include knowing family history; balancing mind, body, and spirit; understanding the body; and integrating natural practices. I also address some implications of the study findings for practitioners working with Native women.