Publication Abstract

Authors: Canales MK, Rakowski W, Howard A

Title: Traditionality and cancer screening practices among American Indian women in Vermont.

Journal: Health Care Women Int 28(2):155-81

Date: 2007 Feb

Abstract: The study purpose was to examine the relationship between cancer screening and traditionality, using a culturally specific survey instrument. American Indian (AI) women were randomly selected from the Vermont Breast Cancer Surveillance System (VBCSS), a statewide mammography database. The 13 items that assessed traditionality examined identity, cultural beliefs, customs, and health practices. The sample of 115 was predominately married, educated, middle class, insured, and rural. Significant associations were found between traditionality and past mammography and clinical breast examination (CBE) behavior, as well as future mammography intention. Results suggest that traditionality scales can be useful for identifying differences in screening behavior, with further testing of traditionality items with other AI women recommended. International implications of the study findings are also addressed.