Publication Abstract

Authors: Clark RA, King PS, Worden JK

Title: Mammography registry: considerations and options.

Journal: Radiology 171(1):91-3

Date: 1989 Apr

Abstract: Radiologists are being urged to provide high-quality low-cost screening mammography to all women over 40 years of age. A mammography registry coupled with existing cancer registries would permit the quality and effectiveness of screening efforts to be evaluated. Standards of care would be determined that would permit quality assessment at individual centers and that could enhance medicolegal defense. The organizing group should consist of physician users, experts in mammography, statisticians, and administrators. Data regarding the number and type of studies, findings, interpretations, and recommendations could be collected and reported easily and cheaply with a standardized form. The registry could be financed by federal, state, or private funds; the latter are most preferable, but a combination of the three is most feasible. Screening mammography presents a serious public health challenge that is best addressed by the organization and support of a registry by radiologists.