Publication Abstract

Authors: Colorectal Writing Group for the SCOAP-CERTAIN Collaborative, Ehlers AP, Simianu VV, Bastawrous AL, Billingham RP, Davidson GH, Fichera A, Florence MG, Menon R, Thirlby RC, Flum DR, Farjah F

Title: Alvimopan Use, Outcomes, and Costs: A Report from the Surgical Care and Outcomes Assessment Program Comparative Effectiveness Research Translation Network Collaborative.

Journal: J Am Coll Surg 222(5):870-7

Date: 2016 May

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Randomized trials have found that alvimopan hastens return of bowel function and reduces length of stay (LOS) by 1 day among patients undergoing colorectal surgery. However, its effectiveness in routine clinical practice and its impact on hospital costs remain uncertain. STUDY DESIGN: We performed a retrospective cohort study of patients undergoing elective colorectal surgery in Washington state (2009 to 2013) using data from a clinical registry (Surgical Care and Outcomes Assessment Program) linked to a statewide hospital discharge database (Comprehensive Hospital Abstract Reporting System). We used generalized estimating equations to evaluate the relationship between alvimopan and outcomes, and adjusted for patient, operative, and management characteristics. Hospital charges were converted to costs using hospital-specific charge to cost ratios, and were adjusted for inflation to 2013 US dollars. RESULTS: Among 14,781 patients undergoing elective colorectal surgery at 51 hospitals, 1,615 (11%) received alvimopan. Patients who received alvimopan had a LOS that was 1.8 days shorter (p < 0.01) and costs that were $2,017 lower (p < 0.01) compared with those who did not receive alvimopan. After adjustment, LOS was 0.9 days shorter (p < 0.01), and hospital costs were $636 lower (p = 0.02) among those receiving alvimopan compared with those who did not. CONCLUSIONS: When used in routine clinical practice, alvimopan was associated with a shorter LOS and limited but significant hospital cost savings. Both efficacy and effectiveness data support the use of alvimopan in routine clinical practice, and its use could be measured as a marker of higher quality care.