Publication Abstract

Authors: Chakraborty B, Collins LM, Strecher VJ, Murphy SA

Title: Developing multicomponent interventions using fractional factorial designs.

Journal: Stat Med 28(21):2687-708

Date: 2009 Sep 20

Abstract: Multicomponent interventions composed of behavioral, delivery, or implementation factors in addition to medications are becoming increasingly common in health sciences. A natural experimental approach to developing and refining such multicomponent interventions is to start with a large number of potential components and screen out the least active ones. Factorial designs can be used efficiently in this endeavor. We address common criticisms and misconceptions regarding the use of factorial designs in these screening studies. We also provide an operationalization of screening studies. As an example, we consider the use of a screening study in the development of a multicomponent smoking cessation intervention. Simulation results are provided to support the discussions.