Publication Abstract

Authors: Crescioni M, Gorina Y, Bilheimer L, Gillum RF

Title: Trends in health status and health care use among older men.

Journal: Natl Health Stat Report (24):1-18

Date: 2010 Apr 21

Abstract: OBJECTIVES: This report examines trends in health status and risk factors, health care utilization, and health care expenditures among older men in the United States. METHODS: The estimates in this report are based on data from the National Vital Statistics System, National Health Interview Survey, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, National Health Care Surveys, Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey, and Current Population Survey. Trends in death rates, prevalence of chronic conditions, risk factors, vaccinations, health care utilization, and expenditures are summarized. Major differences in these indicators are described for older men and women and by age, race, and Hispanic origin. RESULTS: The difference in life expectancy between older men and women has narrowed since 1980, but a gap remains. Older men have lower hypertension and cholesterol levels and exercise regularly at higher rates than older women; however, the rates of obesity and cigarette smoking are similar in older men and women. Although health status has improved for all racial and ethnic groups, racial and ethnic disparities remain for many indicators. Older men and women have similar rates of hospital admissions and visits to emergency departments and physician offices.