Data, Tools, and Initiatives

The Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP) has developed a variety of Public Use Data sets and Measurement Tools that are available for research use. These resources can be used to address research questions at various points across the cancer control continuum. Additionally, HDRP funds or participates in several Research Networks and runs several diverse Research Initiatives that look at the delivery of cancer care across the continuum.

Measurement Tools

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Publicly Accessible Data

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Research Initiatives

  • Cancer Caregiving

    Program of research to improve characterization of informal cancer caregiving and accelerate development of methods, measures, tools, and interventions.

  • Employment Outcomes among Cancer Survivors

    Intended to increase our understanding of how cancer impacts employment.

  • Financial Hardship

    Area of research interest geared towards understanding and addressing multiple domains of financial hardship to improve quality of life and outcomes.

  • Healthcare Teams & Teamwork Processes in Cancer Care Delivery

    Designed to create and promote a research program in effective health care teams and integrate this knowledge into cancer care delivery research.

  • Patterns of Care Studies

    Collected under a Congressional Mandate to evaluate the dissemination of state-of-the-art cancer therapy into community practice.

  • Physician Surveys

    Designed to assess physicians' use of screening modalities, therapies, new technologies, and other factors that may influence the cancer burden nationally.

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Research Networks

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Completed Initiatives

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