Cancer Care from an Employer Perspective

August 24, 2021
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST

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Speaker: Shealynn Buck, MD

Chief Medical Officer
Lockton Dunning Benefits


Almost half of the U.S. population receives employer-sponsored health insurance. Employers recognize that cancer is a leading cost driver in their health plans and see firsthand the impacts of cancer on their employees’ ability to work, their quality of life, and mental health and well-being. Employers are concerned about their ability to provide access to high-value cancer care for employees.

Historically, healthcare institutions have often focused on engaging with Medicare, Medicaid, and larger insurance companies, with employers seen as having a more minor role. However, employers are becoming more active participants in interacting with the U.S. healthcare system. This includes greater focus by employers on healthcare quality, efficiency, fraud, waste, and abuse and pushing for innovations in healthcare delivery.

This dynamic opens the door for government-healthcare-business collaboration in studying, developing, and applying best practices for high-value cancer care that can lead to better outcomes for the 158 million Americans covered under an employer-sponsored health plan.

This webinar:

About the Presenter

Dr. Buck is Chief Medical Officer at Lockton Companies serving as a health and welfare strategic consultant for U.S. employer clients, including healthcare employers, and specializing in clinical data analysis to inform actionable cost and risk mitigation solutions.

Dr. Buck is the clinical leader of Lockton’s Coronavirus Advisory Practice and guides a multi-disciplinary team of 22 clinical experts providing timely and practical clinical advice to 13,000+ U.S. employers and Lockton Associates.

Dr. Buck received her Doctor of Medicine degree from Emory University School of Medicine and completed residency and fellowship training in Clinical Pathology and Transfusion Medicine at Emory University. Prior to joining Lockton, Dr. Buck served as a medical director and vice president of health integration at Marsh & McLennan Agency, executive medical director of DeKalb Medical Center in Atlanta tasked with oversight of healthcare worker occupational health & safety, Sr. Medical Laboratory Director of Quintiles Laboratories North America which involved drug development consulting to the biopharmaceutical industry and Assistant Medical Director at American Red Cross Biomedical Services.

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