HPV Cancer Center Consortium

2024 Webinar Materials

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2024 Annual Meeting

The HPV Cancer Center Consortium started in 2015 and has held seven annual meetings hosted by various cancer centers across the U.S. in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The Consortium reconvenes through an in-person meeting on April 16-17, 2024, in Lexington, Kentucky, hosted by the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center.

The meeting focuses on healthcare system interventions, emerging research areas, understanding disparities in HPV vaccinations, and more.

2023 Webinar Materials

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2023 Annual Meeting

On February 17 & 22, 2023, the National Cancer Institute reconvened the HPV Cancer Center Consortium to discuss the future of HPV-related cancers and sustaining cancer center partnerships. This two-day virtual event aim to:

  • Reconnect cancer centers, researchers, and practitioners in a collaborative environment,
  • Discuss increasing uptake of the HPV vaccine and reducing HPV-related cancers, and
  • Highlight local issues surrounding HPV vaccination.

This webinar will be archived on the HDRP Events webpage.

Last Updated: 14 Jun, 2024