About the Health Systems and Interventions Research Branch

The mission of the Health Systems and Interventions Research Branch (HSIRB) is to advance observational and intervention research on structural, organizational, social, and behavioral factors that influence the delivery of cancer care -- from early detection through end of life. Research areas of focus for the Branch include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • contextual factors, such as organizational or community norms, setting, incentive structure, staff time allocation, and stage in the continuum of care;
  • studies of interventions to improve the quality of care delivery as indicated by one or more of the following: safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, efficiency, timeliness and equality;
  • effective delivery of cancer-related health services by community-based health care providers and health care delivery organizations;
  • theory-based multilevel behavioral interventions in screening, diagnosis, and advanced cancer care; and
  • studies of the interactions between patients and their health care providers, or patients, families and providers and the health care system, and explorations of related factors.

Current Initiatives

Meet Our Staff

The Health Systems and Interventions Research Branch (HSIRB) studies how multilevel contextual factors related to patients, clinicians, practice settings, delivery systems, insurance, and policy influence processes and outcomes of care.

Meet the HSIRB Staff
Last Updated: 18 Jan, 2023