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June 2022 SEER-MHOS Newsletter (PDF, 271 KB)

SEER-MHOS recently released a sample size estimator video to help researchers understand how to quickly estimate research sample sizes, including key search terms such as “cancer site,” “cancer stage at diagnosis,” “survey timing,” and more.

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December 2021 SEER-MHOS Newsletter (PDF, 333 KB)

The SEER-MHOS linkage has been updated! The resource now includes cancer diagnoses through 2017, Medicare Health Outcomes Surveys through 2019, and Medicare Part D (medication) claims data through 2019. The new linkage also includes data from three new SEER registries.

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SEER-MHOS User Webinar: Tips and Tricks: Learning from Experts to Develop a SEER-MHOS Project

This webinar features a discussion from expert users experienced in conducting SEER-MHOS research. This webinar highlights their SEER-MHOS analyses and publications and provide guidance on how to develop new SEER-MHOS research topics. Webinar speakers provide a wide range of tips for potential users highlighting all aspects of the research process, from concept and application development to manuscript submission.

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SEER-MHOS Data Resource Webinar: Highlighting Newly Available Medicare Part D Claims Data

This webinar explains the Part D linkage process, highlights important methodological considerations, and summarizes the data use application process. A recent publication demonstrating the use of this data linkage is also presented.

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SEER-MHOS: A Data Resource to Examine Cancer Health Outcomes

This introductory webinar provides an overview of the SEER-MHOS data resource, and highlights research examples that cover a variety of project approaches and designs, and the data request process.

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Data Highlights

Quality of Life in Individuals with Brain and Spine Tumors (PDF, 206 KB)

This factsheet provides sample demographics and highlights health-related quality of life data for individuals with brain and spine tumors within the SEER-MHOS data resource.

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Last Updated: 22 Apr, 2024