About the Healthcare Assessment Research Branch

The Healthcare Assessment Research Branch (HARB) is one of three branches in NCI's Healthcare Delivery Research Program.

Our mission is to promote population-based research on demographic, social, economic, and health system factors as they relate to providing screening, treatment, and survivorship services for cancer.

The Branch carries out its mission by assessing:

  • cancer-related health services utilization and outcomes among individuals in the general population and among selected population subgroups;
  • the dissemination and effective delivery of cancer-related health services by community-based health care providers and health care delivery organizations; and
  • the role of economic factors related to the equitable, efficient, and effective provision of cancer-related health services.

Furthermore, the Branch works towards its mission by developing, improving, and disseminating:

  • data resources to support policy-relevant research on economic and health services research questions across the cancer continuum; and
  • methods and techniques of economics and health services research related to cancer.

The ultimate purpose of this research is to improve cancer outcomes, reduce cancer-related health disparities, and reduce the burden of cancer to patients, their families, and society.

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Last Updated: 16 May, 2019