HDRP Newsletter, January 2020

Message from the HDRP Associate Director

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New Year’s Greetings to Everyone,

On behalf of all my colleagues in the Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP), I wish you a happy and healthy new year (and new decade). We look forward to continuing to work with you to advance our shared goal of advancing innovative research to improve the delivery of cancer-related care.

In this first newsletter of 2020, we highlight several funding opportunities, upcoming events, and data resources. We also introduce our new NCI/AcademyHealth Visiting Scholar, describe the work of our outgoing Visiting Scholar, and present some preliminary information about the portfolio of grants currently managed by HDRP.

I welcome you to reach out to me or any of our staff to learn more about the work of HDRP and the resources and services we provide. A full staff listing is available on our website.

Paul Jacobsen, PhD

Updates and Portfolio Analysis

NCI/AcademyHealth Healthcare Delivery Research Visiting Scholar 2020

In 2017, HDRP partnered with AcademyHealthExternal Web Site Policy to launch the NCI/AcademyHealth Healthcare Delivery Research Visiting Scholars Program. This program provides a year-long, funded, part-time opportunity to mid-career researchers to develop and pursue new research aims that advance both their own career goals and the field of healthcare delivery research more broadly.

Photograph of Dr. Shellie Ellis

Dr. Shellie EllisExternal Web Site Policy has been selected to participate in the NCI/AcademyHealth Visiting Scholar Program. Her combined training in medical anthropology and health services research has allowed Dr. Ellis to be an early contributor to the field of implementation science. She has undertaken interventions to improve the use of evidence in screening and treatment across a variety of primary and specialty settings in profit and non-profit health organizations based in rural, urban, and suburban settings.

During her time at NCI, Dr. Ellis will work with Ms. Kate Castro and Dr. Ann Geiger on projects related to understanding the barriers to and facilitators of cancer care delivery research in rural-serving oncology practices participating in the NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP).

HDRP Grant Portfolio

In FY 2019, HDRP funded 52 new grants, totaling over $31 million dollars. These grants supported research across the cancer continuum to improve cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship care.

Graph showing the categorical breakdown of HDRP FY 2019 grants

For a complete listing of all grants currently funded by the Healthcare Delivery Research Program, click hereExternal Web Site Policy.

Research Highlights

Improving quality of cancer survivorship care: from framework to action

In 2017, the Healthcare Delivery Research Program launched a new NCI/AcademyHealth Visiting Scholar Program in partnership with AcademyHealth. Dr. Larissa Nekhlyudov, Brigham & Women’s Hospital/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, was selected as the first scholar to participate in the program. During her time at NCI, she worked closely Dr. Michelle Mollica and other members of HDRP to develop a comprehensive, evidence-based cancer survivorship care quality framework (see figure below). In a recent AcademyHealth blogExternal Web Site Policy and article published in the Journal of the National Cancer InstituteExternal Web Site Policy, Dr. Nekhlyudov and colleagues described the framework and proposed the next steps to systematically apply it in clinical settings, research, and policy. In order to consider how the framework may be moved into implementation, HDRP organized a stakeholder meeting in December 2018, with representation from researchers, clinicians, patient advocates, insurers and policy makers.

The figure below shows the framework for measuring quality of cancer survivorship care
The figure below shows the framework for measuring quality of cancer survivorship care
Figure 1 - click to expand

Key points from meeting:

Since the stakeholder meeting, HDRP and NCI’s Office of Cancer Survivorship (OCS) have been engaged in several efforts to enhance the quality of cancer survivorship care. First, OCS recently released revised definitions of the terms cancer survivor and cancer survivorship researchExternal Web Site Policy. These definitions include an adapted version of the quality framework as it applies to cancer survivorship research. In addition, HDRP recently released an RFA in 2019, entitled, Optimizing the Management and Outcomes for Cancer Survivors Transitioning to Follow-Up Care (RFA-CA-19-035External Web Site Policy) with awards expected in 2020. The goal of this RFA is to support grants that develop and test innovative models of care for adult survivors of cancer who are transitioning from active treatment to follow-up care.

As the population of cancer survivors in the U.S. continues to grow to 26 million over the next few decades, the need to provide comprehensive cancer survivorship care will only escalate. Care for cancer survivors is complex, and this framework can serve as a tool to guide future measurement and improvements in care quality.

Organizational Research in Healthcare Workshop

On October 15, 2019, HDRP held a one-day workshop to review the state-of-science on the study of healthcare organizations as applied to cancer care delivery. This workshop brought together scientific leaders in health services research, practicing clinicians, and researchers and provided insight into future research directions that support HDRP’s mission to advance the evidence-based practice of healthcare delivery. For more information about the workshop and to view archived materials, see the archived workshop page.

Funding Opportunities

Notice of Special Interest (NOSI):

Other Funding Opportunities:

For more information about funding including additional notice of funding opportunities, please visit our funding page.

Grants Announcements

NCI Budget and Funding Policy for FY2020

Information on the NCI’s FY 2020 budget can be found on the NCI Office of Budget and Finance websiteExternal Web Site Policy. Information about NCI’s funding strategy and paylines are available from the Division of Extramural Activities. Please click here (PDF)External Web Site Policy for additional information.

Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs) for Research Answers to NCI’s Provocative Questions

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has published Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs) as Request for Applications (RFAs) to solicit applications responding to the new set of Provocative Questions (PQ). The NOFOs will utilize the R01External Web Site Policy and R21External Web Site Policy activity codes.

The PQ Initiative includes a new set of 9 PQs, 2 of which are directly relevant to HDRP:

Additional information defining the research scope for responsive projects is provided in the NOFOs and posted at the Provocative Questions websiteExternal Web Site Policy.

NIH Expanding Usage of Notices of Special Interest (NOT-OD-19-107)External Web Site Policy

This notice informs the extramural community that NIH is expanding and formalizing the use of Notices of Special Interest (NOSI) posted in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts to announce interest in specific scientific research topics.

How Does a NOSI Work?

A NOSI is a standard, formal format for NIH institutes to share and update their research priorities. A NOSI describes specific topics of interest and will direct applicants to one or more active notice of funding opportunities for application submission. A NOSI is not a NOFO and is listed as a notice in the NIH Guide for Grants and ContractsExternal Web Site Policy. Applicants should read NOSIs carefully for any special requirements related to that specific announcement.

HDRP currently sponsors two NOSIs. For more information, visit HDRP’s website and read more in our Funding Opportunities section of this Newsletter.

Upcoming Events

For other upcoming events please check our News & Events page. Events are updated regularly.

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