Rachelle Brick, PhD, MSPH, OTR/L

Rachelle Brick, PhD, MSPH, OTR/L is a Program Director in the Health Systems and Interventions Research Branch (HSIRB) within the Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP). Rachelle will also serve as a Cancer Care Delivery Research Project Scientist for the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP).

Rachelle is a licensed occupational therapist and rehabilitation scientist who develops, establishes, and promotes translational research on health issues in aging and cancer populations. Rachelle has a wide range of scientific expertise and research experience leading multiple concurrent research projects and initiatives. Some of her research interests include cancer survivorship, rehabilitation, epidemiology of healthcare utilization and outcomes, symptom management, biomarkers of aging, implementation of effective healthcare strategies, and healthcare delivery models.

Rachelle received her PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh in 2021 and her Master of Science in Public Health from the University of Miami in August 2022. Prior to her current roles, Rachelle was a Cancer Prevention Fellow in the Behavioral Research Program (BRP) within DCCPS. During this time, she has demonstrated leadership skills from various trans-NIH working groups (i.e., Trans-NIH-NCI Cancer and Aging Coordinating Committee, OPTImize Cancer Survivorship (OPTICS) Working Group Trans-NIH), the NCI (i.e., Co-chair of the Grants and Scientific Writing Committee of the NCI Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program), and extramural efforts.

Last Updated: 18 Jun, 2024