Melba Campbell

Melba J. Campbell is a Program Specialist in the Healthcare Delivery Research Program. She provides administrative support to the Office of the Associate Director and Healthcare Assessment Research Branch. Prior to joining HDRP, Ms. Campbell was in the Office of Cancer Survivorship (OCS) where she served as a Program Support Specialist. Her roles in OCS included serving as the liaison for Communication, Lead Computer User Group and the Division of Extramural Activities Support (DEAS). She was responsible for grants processing, entering OCS DCCPS codes for grants and Pop tracking as well as preparing and maintaining the OCS Study Section Schedule, responding to ARC travel requests, and helping to plan and coordinate the Biennial Cancer Survivorship Conference. She also managed office space, prepared doodle request for meetings, handled new staff set-up for computer, phone, business cards, and blackberry, and served as OCS timekeeper and Purchase Card holder.

Last Updated: 05 Apr, 2023