Kirsten Evans, MS

Kirsten Evans, MS, is a Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) who will be joining the Outcomes Research Branch (ORB) within the Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP); she will be working with her ORB mentor, Dr. Ashley Wilder Smith. Kirsten will be wearing several “hats” in her work with ORB. These will include research and communications support for IMPACT, SEER-MHOS and SEER-CAHPS.

Kirsten is a collaborative epidemiologist with a passion for studying the intersection between mental health, health behaviors, and chronic disease. She also has extensive experience in quantitative analysis of surveillance systems, observational studies, and clinical trials using a variety of scientific software (e.g., Stata, etc). Kirsten started her fellowship at NHLBI, where she performed portfolio analysis and evaluations of program performance for data-driven decision-making using NIH tools like iSearch, RCDC, and QVR. She then did a rotation with CDC conducting research using GIS and utilizing large electronic health record data.

Kirsten’s epidemiological background is reflected in her publications within various scientific journals and notable presentations. Specifically, her work that examined:

  1. Novel metrics for monitoring public health (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health),
  2. The effects of substance use on a cardiovascular risk reduction intervention among persons with serious mental illness (Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Epidemiology Masters Posters Symposium), and
  3. The methods of harmonizing two diet questionnaires by observing changes in diet over time in elderly adults (Brigham Young University College of Life Sciences Undergraduate Research Poster Competition).

Kirsten earned her BS in Public Health from Brigham Young University (Provo, UT) in 2018, and her MS in Clinical Epidemiology from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Baltimore, MD) in 2021.

Last Updated: 17 Nov, 2023