Yasmine Mian

Yasmine Mian, BS, is a Science Writer within the Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP). Yasmine’s primary role within HDRP includes creating scientific content for internal and external research communities. Yasmine is also part of the HDRP communications team and will be assisting with varied programmatic activities.

Yasmine has direct research experience and has written different types of scientific reports as well as articles geared towards a lay audience. Prior to her current position, Yasmine led a collaborative research project examining the gene regulatory networks governing human pancreatic cell development and function for several principal investigators within her postbaccalaureate appointment in NCI’s Cancer Research Training Award Fellowship (2019 to 2022). While here, she disseminated research findings by writing detailed project reports on research progress and presented bi-annually for her colleagues.

Yasmine is a Cum Laude graduate, earning a BS in Molecular Bioscience and Biotechnology from Arizona State University.

Last Updated: 02 Feb, 2023