Healthcare Teams Cyber Discussion Series

The 2018-2019 Healthcare Teams (HCT) Cyber Discussion series will explore challenges and opportunities healthcare teams, patients, and their families face in their mutual interest to establish an effective partnership during the delivery of cancer care. Join nationally recognized clinicians and patient advocates for interactive discussions on how patient engagement can improve patient satisfaction, provider-patient communication, and patient-reported outcomes in cancer care delivery.

Each Cyber Discussion features a live presentation and interactive discussion. Nationally recognized leaders in the subject areas will present an overview and prepare specific questions for discussion among participants. During the discussion period, participants engage via a chat function to respond, comment, and pose questions for additional research.

Upcoming Sessions

Researchers at all levels of career and education, as well as practitioners and caregivers, are welcome to participate to learn more about behavioral influences upon cancer care, and join the dialogue on improving health through cancer care delivery.

The Cyber Discussion sessions, including the message board discussions, will be recorded and archived for later viewing.

For more information or to suggest future topics, please send an email to our team.