Healthcare Teams Cyber Discussions

Healthcare Teams 2023-2024 Cyber Discussion Series

Toward disaster resilient healthcare teams:
Research and opportunities to understand and address the impact of disasters & public health emergencies on cancer care delivery and healthcare team resilience

The goal of this webinar series is to discuss lessons learned by researchers and cancer care delivery teams about how to continue cancer care and research operations across the cancer continuum, and how to work effectively with clinical and community organizations, patients, and their families during some of our nation's most catastrophic events. Care coordination needs among populations that experience cancer disparities (racial/ethnic minority, under-resourced and historically disadvantaged communities) and populations disproportionately affected by public health emergencies will be a focus.

Disaster management experts, health services researchers, cancer care clinicians, and patients are invited to join the webinar series to discuss the core competencies and coordination efforts necessary to successfully coordinate across all phases of an emergency response with each other and the patient population.

Registration is now open.

The four sessions in the Cyber Discussion Series will last 60 minutes, with a total of ~ 40 minutes of presentations and a ~ 20 minutes moderated discussion. For an introduction to these sessions and other information, see the table below.

For previous discussions, visit the Events page to view an archived list of events.

Last Updated: 19 Apr, 2024