Module 18. Putting MLIs Together: Linking the Study Question, Theory, and Interventions to the Outcome

  • Brian S. Mittman, PhD; Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Training Materials

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Module Summary

  • Integration of MLTI concepts into Capstone project
  • Identification of different elements in multilevel, complex health intervention and form/function matrix
  • Integration of study design
  • Measurement plan links to theory, data analysis plan and outcomes
  • Inclusion of evaluation plan

Web Resources

  • Function and Form, Powerpoint, Brian S. Mittman. Powerpoint (PPTX, 307 KB)

Self-reflection Questions

  • How do the MLTI modules apply to your Capstone project?
  • Are you able to apply your MLTI knowledge to the form/function matrix?
  • Have you integrated your study design?
  • Does your measurement plan link to theory, analysis, and outcomes?
  • Have you included an evaluation plan?
Last Updated: 19 Apr, 2024