Module 3. Functions and Forms (Supplemental)

  • Brian S. Mittman, PhD; Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Training Materials

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Module Summary

  • Exemplary case studies of MLI research
  • Discussant 1: Observation on MLI case studies and how theory was employed in the case studies
  • Discussant 2: Observations on the designs, methods and evaluation approaches employed in the case studies
  • Overview of the importance of theory in ML research
  • Organizational theory
  • Team and group behavior theory
  • Individual behavior theory
  • Panel discussion: What makes theory valuable and practical?
  • What frameworks or theories are applicable to your proposed study and why?
  • How will you use these frameworks/theories to design your multilevel intervention and to guide your evaluation?
  • Project Planning Worksheet (PPW)

Web Resources

Self-reflection Questions

  • What are the key theories at all levels that are relevant to studying MLIs?
  • What are the key levels and theories applicable to your project?
  • How are these theories used (selected, combined, applied) in designing effective MLIs and in designing and conducting MLI research?
Last Updated: 19 Apr, 2024