Ped-PRO-CTCAE/Ped-PRO-CTCAE [Caregiver] Instrument & Form Builder

Pediatric PRO-CTCAE®/Pediatric PRO-CTCAE® [Caregiver]

Use of Ped-PRO-CTCAE® and Pediatric PRO-CTCAE® [Caregiver] are subject to NCI's Terms of Use. Preview the symptom terms included in the Ped-PRO-CTCAE Item Library using the quick guide. You may download the full instrument for reporting by children and adolescents ages 7-17 (Ped-PRO-CTCAE) or the full instrument for reporting by a caregiver for children ages 7-17 who are unable to self-report (Ped-PRO-CTCAE [Caregiver]). You may also use our Form Builder to produce a customized Ped-PRO-CTCAE or Ped-PRO-CTCAE [Caregiver] survey for your study. Form Builder is quick, easy to use, and eliminates the potential for cutting and pasting errors.

Full Ped-PRO-CTCAE Libraries

Section 508 compliance: The English version of the full instrument is accessible to assistive technologies, but translated versions may not be. If you have difficulty reading the instrument, contact us or use HHS Language Assistance ServicesExternal Web Site Policy.

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Please use Form Builder to build your custom survey by selecting the items and languages you wish to use.
Last Updated: 19 Apr, 2024