Terms of Use

Thank you for your interest in using NCI's PRO-CTCAE® Measurement System.

PRO-CTCAE® and Ped-PRO-CTCAE® are freely available for all to use.

The PRO-CTCAE® Measurement System is intended for use to capture symptomatic adverse events by patient self-report (or in the case of children younger than 7 by caregiver-report). It was developed to be used in conjunction with the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE) in clinical research, including pragmatic trials, implementation trials, and other clinical research conducted in real-world settings using electronic data collection platforms, including the electronic health record.

Currently, the PRO-CTCAE® Measurement System is intended to be used to describe in aggregate the safety and tolerability of a therapeutic compound, regimen, or device. The PRO-CTCAE® Measurement System is not intended for diagnostic, prognostic or therapeutic purposes, and it is not intended to assess the efficacy of medical drugs or devices.

To protect the integrity of the PRO-CTCAE® Measurement System, the U.S. National Cancer Institute holds all rights and title to PRO-CTCAE® and Ped-PRO-CTCAE®, all translations, and related documents.

Terms of Use


  • 'Provider': the National Cancer Institute.
  • 'Recipient': the party who receives PRO-CTCAE® from the Provider under this agreement.
  • 'PRO-CTCAE®': questions selected by the Recipient from the items in the PRO-CTCAE® or Ped-PRO-CTCAE® item libraries created by Provider.

Terms of Use

  1. Recipient agrees not to adapt, alter, amend, abridge, modify, condense, make derivative works, or translate PRO-CTCAE® or Ped-PRO-CTCAE® without prior written consent from the Provider.
  2. Recipient shall not distribute, publish, sell, license, or provide by any means whatsoever to third parties not involved with their work copies of PRO-CTCAE® or Ped-PRO-CTCAE® without the prior written agreement of the Provider.
  3. Recipient agrees and undertakes not to sell or incorporate PRO-CTCAE® or Ped-PRO-CTCAE® into materials for sale, apart from educational materials, such as printed books and journals.
  4. In case of any kind of presentation or publication reporting PRO-CTCAE® or Ped-PRO-CTCAE® results, Recipient shall include a reference to the PRO-CTCAE® Measurement System website (https://healthcaredelivery.cancer.gov/pro-ctcae/).
  5. Recipient will include Provider's trademark ownership statement on all copies of the PRO-CTCAE® and Ped-PRO-CTCAE® in the same form as it appears on the document(s) that Recipient is downloading from this website.
  6. Recipient agrees and undertakes to indemnify and hold Provider harmless against any and all claims, loss or damage, including fees, penalties or fines and third-party claims, and attorneys' fees arising from Recipient's use of PRO-CTCAE®.
Last Updated: 19 Apr, 2024