SEER-CAHPS Data Cost Calculator

Below you will find a tool to estimate the cost of obtaining data for your SEER-CAHPS project. Please note that the figures provided by this calculator are estimates only. Your actual cost will be calculated by IMS staff after your request is approved. Investigators who request updated data for an existing project after a new data linkage will incur the cost of recreating the entire data set.

JavaScript is required to use this calculator. If your Web browser is unable to run JavaScript, you can still estimate the cost of your data using our costs table.

Files requested

  Cancer data Non-cancer data
SEER-CAHPS Survey Data File
Patient Entitlement and Diagnosis Summary File (PEDSF)  
Summarized Denominator File (SUMDENOM)  
Medicare Provider Analysis and Review (MEDPAR)
Carrier Claims (NCH) *
Outpatient (OUTPAT) *
Home Health Agencies (HHA)
Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
Part D Event (PDE) *

* There is a flat charge per file, except for the NCH, OUTPAT, and PDE cancer data files, which are charged per year.

Cancer sites requested

This list of cancer sites has been updated to conform to the SEER site recodesExternal Web Site Policy. Cost estimates may differ from previously produced estimates.

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Last Updated: 16 Oct, 2020